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red bull and microsoft set out to host the biggest age of empires tournament to date to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise


the real life medieval castle of heidelberg was chosen as the venue to host dozens of international players and hundreds of visitors from around the world

a look behind the scenes

for months we worked on all aspects of the project and its countless tasks together with red bull’s marketing and media teams


our goal was to create a memorable experience for everyone on site as well as viewers at home through moving cameras, drone shots, augmented reality to enhance the ingame draft and an immersive stage led design that adapted to ingame events

deep dive: led design

we created several fully animated stage looks including map-specific scenes to create an immersive look and feel

each map in the game has its own ‚biome‘ and we tried to capture each one in unreal engine 5 leading to an ever-changing stage

deep dive: on-air design

instead of restrictive fullscreen graphics we opted to compartmentalize crucial information into smaller, stand-alone elements that we could use more freely during the live show

every player had his own trading card-style playersheet to compare important strengths and weaknesses ahead of matchups

deep dive: ingame production

each game received a dedicated customized overlay that displayed important ingame data as well as presenting the players in picture. our dedicated observer captured all the action and if anything was missed in the heat of battle, the replay was ready in seconds on evs

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