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inviting germany’s biggest content creators to a tournament of dodgeball, adding battle royale elements to the matches and swapping the usual court for a huge LED floor as pitch sounds crazy to you?


red bull set out to do exactly that and we were lucky to accompany them at every step along the way for this ambitious project

highlight clip

a look behind the scenes and select highlights of the event

our contribution

we helped develop the game mode and ruleset, managed the project both from a production and event side and involved ourselves in all creative aspects of the show creation. choosing music and the right sound effects, making sure the look and feel of the court incorporates battle royale elements and gamifying the match experience through power-ups.

our aim for the live broadcast was to take a step away from the typical gaming and esports livestream to head in the direction of a classical event and sports show instead. in the end we produced six hours of non-stop action featuring great on-air talents and a live audience that truly made it feel like a big sports event.

on air concept

we based the show graphics on red bull’s key visual to accomplish a coherent all-around design ranging from player profile sheets all the way through scoreboard to the floor design

this event has a special place on my personal achievement list

– louis-lee hoffmann

red bull gameball royale has been a real sensation, truly showcasing some of our production specialties at the very essence in a one-of-a-kind creator event. this event will definitely stay in our memory for a long time

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