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the race to world first is not your typical gaming tournament, it’s a bi-annual speedrun on the latest content in the world of warcraft with competing teams being scattered all over the globe.


together with our friends from the guild aversion we designed and produced the content for sepulcher of the first ones in german.

we focused on technical innovations for the live coverage of boss fights. through optical character recognition of custom weakauras we were able to display aversion’s progress live and with no delay.


the look and the atmosphere of sepulcher of the first ones was captured through impressive visuals in the style of world of warcraft’s latest content and rendered 3d models of all bosses.


the bottom of our L-frame is showing live updates of the current boss fight while the fight is happening

the right side of our L-frame covers the entire race to world first and first kill alerts give us a feeling for the grand scheme of things

putting the pieces together including a livecam of our commentators, partner logo rotations and the event logo as eye-catcher

boss sheet animations

all you need to know at a glance: we rendered the 3d models of all 11 bosses and outlined the key mechanics and most important item drops for these info sheets

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