digital graphics, live-broadcast production, led motion design, project management


Neumann & Müller

the event arena at gamescom 2022 featured a very diverse entertainment program spanning over an entire week


the content included the annual opening night live, esl mobile esports, an influencer-driven show by amd and an actual metal concert to celebrate the launch of metal: hellsinger

amd gaming show

metal: hellsinger live concert

to perfectly capture the action in the arena we used boxed lenses for long shots, cooperated with spidercam for great moving shots and added a steadicam on select days to get up close and personal


because all led and on-air assets had to be designed specifically for each day no day in the event arena looked like another

deep dive: led design

development of led designs and animations: concept vs. examples of the amd gaming show

each segment of the amd gaming show received a different treatment with changing color palettes and designs

adding to the brooding atmosphere: concept vs. examples of the metal: hellsinger concert

deep dive: on-air design

we take viewers by the hand to guide them through the day with info graphics and ingame overlays for multiple games

our on-air elements for metal: hellsinger help announce the different live acts and support the live broadcast

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