the very essence was dedicated to the highest quality content, delivered with originality, ingenuity and authenticity.

Red Bull
Gameball Royale

dodgeball meets battle royale
with the biggest content creators

inviting germany’s biggest content creators to a tournament of dodgeball, adding battle royale elements to the matches and swapping the usual court for a huge LED floor as pitch sounded like a pipedream but red bull made it happen with our help

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Red Bull
Wololo Legacy

the biggest age of empires
tournament to date

a real life medieval castle became the arena for the biggest tournament in age of empires to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. together with red bull we produced a week-long livestream inside one of germany’s most famous tourist attractions: castle heidelberg

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event arena

a week-long diverse
entertainment program

every day in gamescom’s event arena looked and felt truely different from each other. but whether we worked on mobile esports, an influencer-driven exhibition day, announcements of all the latest game releases or an actual live metal concert to celebrate the launch of a new game – we had a blast and so did thousands on site

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Aversion’s Race
to World First

broadcasting the competition
between world of warcraft guilds

who will be the first to defeat the final boss, the jailer zovaal? together with our friends from the guild aversion, we designed and produced the ‚race to world first‘ in german by placing a very high value on technical innovations and impressive visuals.

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Red Bull Levels:
Elden Ring

exclusive pre-release xr broadcast

an incredible community had grown around ‚elden ring‘ after its first reveal in 2019. together with red bull, we created an immersive and technically advanced game launch event: one of the most successful red bull gaming projects ever.

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growing up we found our place in gaming, live-streaming and social media. with years of know-how, insights and connections we seamlessly transformed company interests into authentic experiences for audiences around the globe.

the very essence was based on shared core values and focuses on conception, design, broadcast and advertising of entertainment products & services.

our secret: we built upon the very essence of internet culture. sounds obvious? maybe. nonetheless we knew how challenging it was to identify what’s essential and most of all, to whom.

having this knowledge is powerful. utilizing it was key.

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managing director & co-founder

with more than twenty years of professional experience, david is a veteran of the gaming and esports industry. his extremely trustworthy and calm manner ensures a pleasant working atmosphere within every project. due to his experience and character he was able to build long lasting relationships in the past and therefore always finds the right person for the right purpose.


managing director & co-founder

attention to detail is louis‘ biggest strength. he always knows how to ask the right questions, highlighting aspects that others would overlook, while always keeping the big picture in mind. with more than eight years of experience in the industry, he knows the importance of a defined branding and marketing strategy, as well as precise communication and project management.


data scientist & co-founder

playing and watching rts games has always been one of dennis‘ biggest passions even when he was working on his education in physics. today he handles, analyzes and processes huge amounts of data as a freelance data scientist for some of germany’s biggest companies. by combining his professional experience with his gaming hobby he helps develop statistic-driven broadcast assets and tools.


creative director

creativity, efficiency and sustainability are the core characteristics of marco. with over ten years of professional experience within the gaming & esports industry, he has been in charge or at least partly responsible for many designs and creative solutions that are seen all over the world.



yannik specializes in planning, coordinating, and executing live broadcast projects. throughout his eight years of experience in the gaming & esports industry, he’s always made sure that a creative vision is successfully adopted in the production. high quality combined with efficiency is what defines his work best.


broadcast developer & cg operator

nine years ago marius left his hometown to pursue his dream of working in the online broadcast industry. as a member of the streaming and community since day one he has a great understanding and feel for what entertains viewers and what makes them laugh. his deep experience operating and creating projects in ross xpression helps shape our broadcasts technically and visually.

are you planning a game launch event, competitive esports tournament or fun influencer activation? we’d love to talk about it with you!


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